High-Waisted Purple and Green Kiwifruit Print Leggings for Yoga Pilates Gym Fitness Workouts


If you love unique prints, this one’s for you! The bold, quirky kiwifruit print contrasts perfectly with the cute purple colour. These Kiwifruit print leggings have a super-soft and silky texture that simply elevates them. They hold everything in, yet still manage to feel breathable and extremely comfortable to live in. With their tight flat lock seam they’ll last forever, and with the stretch high-quality fabric they feel like air. Plus they look so trendy and fashionable, you’re bound to wear them as part of your everyday casual wear.

27% Spandex 73% Polyester

Very stretchy

Super soft with cool and silky touch

With gusset

Waistband covers belly button for full coverage or can be folded down for a lower rise option if preferred

Quick-dry, light-weight, 4-way stretch

Perfect for gym workout, yoga, hot yoga, SUP yoga, barre workout, surf, etc.

Size S/M (Labeled as S): Waist 56cm- 68cm, Hip 76cm- 89cm
Size M/L (Labeled as M): Waist 69cm- 84cm, Hip 89cm- 102cm
Size L/XL (Labeled as L): Waist 85cm- 100cm, Hip 104cm- 116cm

Waistband: 10cm (before stretched)

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