Our Story

Founded in London (UK), 2019.

With 2 decades of living in Bangkok, Tokyo, California and London, founder Pichaya experienced a lot of fitness fashions and wellness trends from East to West. With 10 years in the professional services industry, she took an Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation course as part of her EMBA study at Warwick Business School. There she discovered 3 things she felt deeply passionate about: Sustainable fashion, Health & Wellness, and People Empowerment.

SweatFit Nation was born from an MBA assignment. Working with friends from Bangkok, London and Tokyo, Pichaya and her team sourced start-up brands and products that share SweatFit Nation’s purpose and value of bringing sustainable fashion to empower people to maintain active and healthy lifestyles. At SweatFit Nation, our ethos is simple; workout is much more fun when you feel comfortable and confident in your gear. SweatFit Nation hope to be a part of that journey to motivate you to be your best self by promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

In February 2019, we collaborated with Flexi Lexi Fitness to bring this exciting Bangkok-based luxury yoga and activewear brand with super fun and colourful designs to the UK and EU market. In April 2019, we’re thrilled to open our boutique on ASOS Marketplace, joining ground-breaking independent fashion labels, vintage stores and the world’s most exciting established brands to serve a global audience of twenty-something fashion lovers!

This is just the beginning. Join us on our journey and get SweatFit!


The SweatFit Nation Team x